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Private and Group Classes Available
Gymnastic for Life - Shawn L. Marsh | ph. 818-636-3397
Private and Group Classes Available

Los Angeles Gymnastics Coach

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Gymnastic Coach Shawn L. Marsh 

Shawn began his gymnastics career in high school and has never looked back. He has been coaching gymnastics for over 37 years and founded Gymnastics for Life in 1985. Dedicated to the sport and physical discipline of gymnastics, he has received accolades from such diverse groups as the LAPD Police Activity League and the Special Olympics Committee of Southern California.

The focus on gymnastics moved Shawn through the trials and tribulations of growing up in South LA. It helped him escape from the throngs of gang life and become the most sought after gymnastic instructor for troubled youth. It gave him self-confidence and a goal for which to strive. He is an inspiration and mentor for many troubled youths refocusing their lives to excel at something good and productive.


“A talented gymnast himself, Shawn is shaping and preparing the minds and bodies of those around him by incorporating gymnastics with safety, discipline and fun. Highlights of Shawn’s career include placing first in floor exercise at the Senior Olympics at LAVC in 1998 and participating in the 1984 Olympic Games opening ceremonies.
Shawn has 30 years instructional experience with various levels and ages of gymnasts including specialized training enhancing strength and flexibility for elite gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial artists, mighty boys, dancers, adults, the physically challenged, actors and performers.”


Shawn attended Cal State University Long Beach working toward a BA in Physical Education. He has been an instructor for SuperKids Athletics, a top College Gymnastics Center, Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers and many of Southern California’s day care programs and LAUSD elementary and high school gymnastic programs.

Shawn Marsh Gymnastics Instructor Los AngelesAs an individual gymnast, Shawn has won many awards. Beginning in high school where he was the Los Angeles City gymnastics finalist three years in a row. A highlight in his gymnastics career was participation in the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics.

Shawn has personally trained a Special Olympics gymnast who, under his guidance, won four (4) gold medals. He has also trained the famous martial artist, Makoto Tanaka and rappelled as a stunt performer from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

His experience spans over 37 years and encompasses more avenues of gymnastics than most gymnasts see in their lifetime.

To ensure the quality of instruction and the personal commitment to students that Shawn himself brings to a lesson, he is personally involved with every student’s program. All other instructors are hand picked and trained by Shawn so the philosophy and discipline instituted by Shawn for Gymnastics For Life reaches each and every student and class.

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