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Gymnastics for Life Mission Statement

“Gymnastic coaching is not only about teaching the standards necessary to compete at the various levels of competition but to teach a strong foundation for growth in all aspects of the athlete’s life.”

– Shawn Marsh, Founder


Gymnastics 4 Life is founded on a simple philosophy:

That each has its own qualities and each student has their own needs. Therefore, it is our practice to combine the training with a focus on the student’s age and what is developmentally appropriate training.

We take into consideration ALL aspects of the student’s goals, desires, dedication and ability. No gymnastics student should ever feel inadequate when learning the art of gymnastics. Finding the right mixture of training makes every experience in class a healthy, confidence building one.

We provide:

  • A friendly atmosphere where no one criticizes but aids in the building of this strong foundation for sports through hard work, dedication and understanding
  • A non-competitive environment that provides the structure necessary for ALL levels of athletes to excel in the art of gymnastics
  • A program designed to build self-esteem by providing a successful and pleasant experience in a fun and safe environment
  • An opportunity to become the best they can be without pressure

Shawn’s philosophy in combing traditional and non-traditional gymnastics is that the student is given fun body management and body awareness activities of the physical education type yet, as a gymnast, they will develop to whatever level they want or are capable of achieving.

Shawn’s coaching method is to offer a combination of patience, optimism and discipline while incorporating the knowledge and people skills to produce a successful gymnast with a healthy life style, young or old.



The focus of traditional gymnastics is on skills and sequences performed on major, traditional pieces of equipment (e.g., beam, bars, floor, etc.). All students, regardless of body type or skill level, are judged and held to the same standards.

  • Advanced
  • Specific Movement
  • Set Skills
  • Precise, Set moves
  • Rigid Requirements
  • Set Standards

Traditional Gymnastics classes focus on traditional gymnastics which means that skills and sequences are performed on major, traditional pieces of equipment, such as the beam, bars, floor, etc. All students regardless of body type or skill level are judged and held to the same standards.



The focus of non-traditional gymnastics is on developmental appropriateness. A student is given fun body management and body awareness activities of the physical education type. The instructor has things to offer for everyone to find success.

  • Foundational
  • Generalized Movement
  • Diversity
  • Exploration,Creativity
  • Set Own Standards
  • Versatile Movement as a Goal

Non-Traditional Gymnastics: Though focus is on traditional gymnastics in order to maintain standards, non-traditional gymnastics is the foundation of age and development appropriate training. No two children go through their development process at the same rate. Training that is designed around the child’s ability to learn and/perform at their own rate. Shawn makes great efforts to serve as a good role model, trusted teacher, mentor and friend. Children and adults need an experience as positive as possible to succeed.

Gymnastics for Life